We have been victims of our own success.
The CupCake Cafe is now fully booked. We are unable to accept any more orders for 2017 & 2018.

We apologise for any inconvenience.
We recommend Brad & Nikki at Port Douglas Catering as an alternative for your event.

At Your Service

We aim to please. We welcome all requests. Just let us know the flavour, colour, size, shape, decoration...........or send us a picture of what you like .........and we will do our best to wave the magic wand.

For the Bride and Groom......please contact us for a  complimentary Cake Tasting.

Our Lolly & Candy Bar is available for hire with or without the sweets.

Hens Parties, Baby Showers,  High Tea Parties are all hosted at Birdsong, Port Douglas. We cater for minimum 6 - maximum 30 guests. Please contact us for a  custom quote.

Styles:  Modern, Traditional,  Rustic, Boho, Naked
Flavours:  Our most popular flavours are chocolate Mud, Vanilla with white Chocolate & Raspberry, Coconut and Mango, Caramel, Lemon, Red Velvet,  Banana and Hummingbird.......but you really can have any flavour you wish.
Special Diet:  Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, Raw...

About Cakes in the Tropics

Custom Bakery

We are an on-line shop. We can only accept forward bookings for Special events.   Our Commercial kitchen is located on our Property -    7 minutes from central Port Douglas.

The busy season in Port Douglas is April to October - so please contact us in plenty of time as we book out during this period. 

The Summer time in "The Tropics" can place limitations on the type of cake available. Depending on whether your Special event is to be held in an outdoor or indoor venue, with or without air-conditioning, will determine what type of cake will be best for you and your guests. We can offer advice and help you explore all the options available.

Our Cake Gallery

How Much Cake Do You Really Need

Let Them Eat Cake

Strange...but true....not everyone will eat cake!!! ( but I would say that!!)

What size should my Wedding Cake be?? How many of your guest will actually eat cake after your delicious reception meal, dessert and drinks?
...cake size guide...

Will your cake be  a "Ceremonial  cutting cake".....  after all it is still traditional to "cut the cake" and offer it to your guests. Is the Wedding Cake the only dessert to be offered......or are other desserts already included in your package with the Caterer??

It is not in our/or your best interest to have cake left over......although, there is absolutely nothing wrong if you decide to have cake for breakfast the following day!!!

We will help you decide the amount of cake that will be right for you.


Roberta - 0407 317 676

Email: CupCakeCafePD@Gmail.com

The Cupcake Cafe is at our Property - Birdsong Port Douglas
Appointment required.